Sleep is so important for good health. While we might spend over a third of our lives tucked up in bed, we often forget that sleeping on an aged, worn, broken or simply an unsuitable type of mattress, could be seriously impacting our overall well being.

The support you need while sleeping can differ throughout various stages of your life and there may be times where a specialist mattress can dramatically improve your quality of living and assist with overcoming common back and body ache complaints.

If you need to spend long periods of time in bed perhaps due to illness or recovery, it is recommended that you update your mattress to one which offers even support of your body, alleviating pressure by spreading your body weight and moulding to your movements. Our Adjustable Medi Therapy Gel Bed is an ideal solution to full body supported rest.

One of the most common reasons for restless nights can be back ache and joint pain. If your mattress is not supporting you correctly, then any underlying issues are likely to feel worse or take longer to recover from. For back and joint complaints, a medium level of firmness mattress is recommended. Look at our Orthopaedic range which start from just £115 to find a mattress that will evenly support your spine and promote good posture, relieving your back pain.

Depending on your health concern it might be worth investigating a heat reactive mattress like the Medi Therapy Cool Blu, memory foam mattress that helps regulate your body temperature.

Finding the right mattress is not something to lose sleep over. At TJ Warehouse, we will be happy to advise you on a mattress that will suit your specific concern or rest requirements.

We have mattresses to suit every budget and bedroom size and we are happy to help guide you through to purchase and home delivery. Rest assured you are in safe hands with the TJ Warehouse team.

Remember that simply choosing the right mattress, can make a big difference to your health so invest in yourself, shop TJ Warehouse’s range of therapy mattresses now.