Sports Therapy Latex Mattress




The Therapy mattresses are part of the Vogue group bed manufacturer of the year runner up 2017-2018

Do you crave  therapeutic, re-energising sleep and rest???? well read on

Therapy mattresses were launched in 2012 to coincide with the Olympics to highlight a mattress made specifically for active lifestyles to the health conscious, for increasing recovery after exercise or surgery or for purely enjoying sleep by creating a highly comfortable, supportive mattress.

In the heart of every therapy mattress is a cleverly constructed CASTELLATED MULTI ZONE UNIT this advance unit with it’s individual castellation comfort cells create air channels which enhance ventilation, airflow cools the mattress and promotes therapeutic sleep, aiding and refreshing aches and pains and alleviating pressure points.

The talalay sports therapy mattress is a world class mattress designed for athletes but suitable for everyone. Its unique structure relieves tired muscles and releases areas of stress throughout the body. Talalay contains a higher proportion of natural latex ideal for those who want to avoid harmful chemicals. This natural latex provides perfect comfort and support by its ability to naturally contour to your body shape. Latex is flexible and durable with hypo-allergenic properties that can significantly help asthmatics.

The castellated multi-zone construction gives a credible targeted support working with a luxurious climate cool fabric that enables maximum air circulation. The multi zone foam systems airflow channels reduce humidity for a deeper nights sleep. This superior aeration decreases fungal and microbial growth in the mattress core. Bug guard technology is made from natural Eucalyptus oils which is resistant to  dust mites and bed bugs. It is environmentally and user friendly as well as being suitable for sufferers of allergies, eczema and asthma

It is a 25cm deep non turn mattress for ease of use. It will need to be rotated head to toe regularly. For added reassurance and peace of mind it  is manufactured  by a National Bedding Federation approved member  which means they adhere to the NBF  strict code of practice.


  • approx 25cm deep
  • Medium to firm with a comfort cushion feel
  • Non turn
  • Available in Single, small double, double, king and superking
  • NBF approved
  • Bug guard
  • Made in the UK
  • 1 year warranty
  • Castellated multi zone unit allows warmer air to be replaced with cool refreshing air
  • Climate cool fabric helps reduce humidity
  • Talalay latex is the best in the world with its fantastic recovery and ventilation


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