Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Bedroom

Whether you have moved into a new home, or the children have left and you want to redesign the master bedroom, there are some things you should consider before you start.

A Seating Area

One of the newest bedroom trends, probably because more of us now spend time away in hotels, is a bedroom seating area. A space to sit, even in a small bedroom, can provide a quiet and private area where you can read or write letters. Even if your bedroom is small, rearranging the furniture, and maybe getting rid of some of the larger items can make a difference.

Adding an En-suite

En-suite bathrooms have been a part of many people’s master bedrooms for some time now. Having an extra bathroom can be a real boon, especially when you have guests in the house. Adding an en-suite bathroom will depend on the size and situation of your bedroom. Many homes have an extra loo, or smaller bedroom near the master bedroom, and a good builder could soon do the necessary major work for incorporating that additional space. You may want to seek advice about using an extra bedroom, as the loss of one could affect the price of your home if you decide to sell it in the future.

Creative Changes

You may already have an en-suite bathroom, or find the cost of installing one a bit much right now – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make some creative changes. Give your bedroom a whole new look by redecorating. You will find plenty of design and decorating inspiration online – try Pinterest, for example. First, you need to decide what sort of budget you have for redesigning your sleeping space. Just a few simple touches, for example new curtains, bedspread and pillows can make a significant difference to a tired looking bedroom.

Colour and Lighting

Use little splashes of colour by repainting one wall in a bright, new shade, or add some brightly coloured cushions to your bed and in the sitting area. Try moving your bed and any moveable furniture to different parts of the room, as this can make a place look completely different. Adding a large, framed mirror to one corner of the room can make a space look and feel larger than it is. Change your main light fitting and shade to something new and different. Add beautiful bedside lamps and a soft, multi-coloured rug if you don’t already have them. Just a few changes can make your bedroom more welcoming, and somewhere that you want to spend a bit more time when you are not sleeping.