8 tell-tale signs that your mattress needs replacing

Perhaps because they are something that everyone uses daily, many people rarely think about replacing their mattress. Of course, it can be a sizeable expense, but most people don’t bother replacing their mattress because it just doesn’t occur to them that it needs doing! However, a bad mattress could be hurting your back – and your overall health. Here are eight tell-tale signs that your mattress needs replacing.

Waking up stiff – If you notice that you are waking up feeling stiff more often than not, it may be a sign that your mattress is too soft, and that it is time to replace it with a harder, firmer mattress.

Tossing and Turning – If it seems like you can’t find a comfortable position at night it may be that your mattress simply isn’t right for you any more. This can be from a combination of factors including pressure points, the wrong level of firmness, or sagging.

Feeling Drained in the Morning – The idea of sleep is to rejuvenate the body, so if you are waking up not feeling refreshed, it is possible your mattress has reduced the quality of your sleep.

Sagging – Obvious sagging is a sign that your mattress may need replacing. You can prevent sagging by regularly flipping a newer mattress, so that it gets even wear. However, once sagging starts there is no way to reverse it.

Creaks – If you hear creaks coming from the box springs every time you get on your mattress, then the mattress is not giving proper support. This means that soon it will start sagging, so it’s best to replace it before you start suffering the back pains associated with that.

You Roll Towards Your Partner – If it seems that you are always waking up practically on top of your spouse, then you are probably dealing with a mattress that is sagging in the middle.

Impressions in the Mattress – While some people may joke about leaving an impression in the mattress, you should never actually have one. This can only occur once sagging has gone too far. If you can see your impression, then you need a new mattress – today!

Lumps – Lumps are a very obvious sign that a mattress needs replacing. Instead of avoiding the lumps, it is time to get a new mattress with an even density. These usually occur when the padding shifts, and since you cannot reach inside to fix the padding, it’s time to consider a nice new one